The Pit & The Peak is Back!


I am so happy and excited for this today that is finally here! 

Let's just dive right in here emmmkay?

The Pit and The Peak is the party you come to every Friday where you post about the ughs and eeeekkks of your week and link up with sweet Allie and me! 

Let's start with my pit. Which is without a doubt, the fact that I clearly have the flu. I kept wondering all day yesterday what in the world was causing me to feel so terrible and now, we know. Waves of nausea, no appetite and feeling like my head weighs 400 pounds. And no, I am NOT PREGNANT. The verdict is in: Flu. and I am NOT happy about it.

Let us move on to more exciting things. My Peak. 
I'm going to go ahead and say my Peak is probably going to happen this weekend. I have NO plans. Literally, my Erin Condren squares are BLANK. Watch endless episodes of Revenge? Yes. Curl my hair just to play with it? Yup. Clean my room? Maybe. Eat chicken nuggets or Ramen? Just might! I will probably find some time to work out if I start feeling better, but something tells me there will be a lot of couch time. 

I can't wait to read all about everyone's weekend and I promise to take more instagram pictures and have a non sick week next week so the next P&P is tons more exciting!